Firmware update in progress


After uploading a new firmware to the device via OTA in the web, althow the device has got the new firmware and is running OK, the web keeps showing " Firmware update in progress", and never gets out of that state



If it still spins, it is not ok, there is some issue with it.
A device should be able to reply to the Sys.GetInfo RPC calls.
Please make sure it does


This is not too uncommon. I sometimes find it is necessary to refresh the browser window to get the most recent OTA state. It seems that the mDash status page frequently gets stuck, even if the actual device OTA is proceeding normally.



Thank you.
What library version you use?


I’ve seen this issue over multiple library versions - starting with 1.2.1-IDF through 1.2.4-IDF.

It’s is not deterministic, but I find that if I do enough OTAs (e.g. while testing a new image) eventually I’ll encounter the web status hanging.



Thank you.
We’ll keep an eye and attempt to reproduce.