Free plan device limit


I see the free plan increased the number of devices to 10.
That affects only new subscribers, or existing as well?


I don’t know, but I’m an old user and I see only 3.


The default free limit has been increased, so all new users get a new limit. Old users see their existing limit.
However, this is not enforced, as anybody could just make a new login. So if you’d like your limit to be increased, please say so - we’ll do that for your existing account.

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Although not essential at the moment, it would be great to increase for future use.


@nliviu @i_papp free limits for you have been increased to 25 devices, as a token of appreciation from

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Great, thanks, when will it be visible? After Logout/Login?


It should be visible, yes.
@i_papp The limit was increased for the email-based account, thus if you have other accounts (google/github), let me know the account ID.