Mdash platform user password reset

There is no option for forgot password in sign in part of platform so i coudl not reset my password?

Re-register your email again, and you’ll get a new invitation.

I register with google sign in option at top in the login screen.
But when I want to reset my password with gmail account it creates a new account again. How can I reset my acocunt password which I created by google auto sign in option?

There is no password reset or change in the profile page inside the account.

Agreed, it would be nice if the mDash console had a mechanism whereby an account owner could change their password.

Since that doesn’t exist today, a possible (but inconvenient) option would be the Management REST API. Perhaps this could work? This mechanism does work for users accounts, not sure if it can be made to work for owner accounts?

Perhaps Cesanta could comment/confirm…