MQTT connection unstable



I am using mDash as a platform to connect my IOT devices for several months now and I am happy how things work out.

  • devices connect to mDash via SDK
  • devices publish their device shadows via SDK
  • several servers (e.g. on Azure) identify as a “mock devices” (not the same) via MQTT, publish /{deviceid}/shadow/get messages and listen for /{deviceid}/shadow messages to retrieve the latest device shadow
  • the server can also publish device shadow updates this way

Without changing any configurations we noticed that since yesterday our connections seem to be unstable. The data we get is outdated and not equal for all subscribers.
Initially, we received a device shadow after publishing the /{deviceid}/shadow/get message within milliseconds and they were always up to date, which is not the case anymore. They are up to 20 min delayed, while another subscriber gets a shadow that is just seconds old.

The change seemed to be yesterday, Nov. 11 6pm CET. Did you implement any changes?

An assumption could be, that you do not multicast the device shadow messages to all subscribers anymore. Is that the case?

Thank you in advance


Hi Florian!

We did not introduce any changes that should have such effect.
Could you confirm your mDash login so we can investigate, please?

Could you clarify that this is still happening, please?