Any way to prevent accidental device deletion?


I’m working on some device provisioning scripts that can create mDash devices from command line. It’s got me worried about accidental deletion of a deployed device.

I was wondering if there was some way to limit the privilege of the API token I’m using, or some other means, to be able to reduce the likelihood of accidentally deleting a deployed device.

I’ve attempted to create a new API key but see no options of limiting the privilege.
I’m on free account level if that matters.


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Currently there is only one type of administrator token.
So the answer is “no”.

Add prompts to your automation script to prevent accidental device deletion.

Thanks for the reply @lsm

How about any way to limit privilege from mDash login?
I’m on free for now but am planning to upgrade, is there any way for me to add more users and limit what they can do from the GUI?


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That functionality is not present at this moment.