Automatic OTA update for esp32 from mDash

hello to everyone,
I uploaded .bin file from mDash and by using curl it work fine but how to add autoupdate OTA from esp32. and where is mDash.cfg file , so we can compare .bin file of previous with new .bin file.
please help us to find this

From your question I deduct you’re using Arduino IDE and client library for your ESP32.

What is your goal? Do you want to setup an automatic OTA from certain URL - for example, a firmware checks a URL every hour and updates if there is a change?

yes I am using Arduino IDE from that IDE I am uploading code in esp32.
I want to my esp32 device will check for new version of firmware and then it update it with new firmware

The automatic OTA is currently implemented for Mongoose OS based firmwares.
Firmwares built with the mdash client library, currently do not have automatic OTA functionality. The workaround is to make it from the server side.

thanks ,

can I put flag or value on mDash server that will check from esp32 when it connected to madsh
so when I found this status flag different with respect to esp32 then I can update OTA mannualy from mdash to esp32 device

If you’re using Mongoose OS based firmware - yes you can do it.
The mdash client library doesn’t have this functionality.

THANKS , for updating …

Sounds like a nice addition to a future mDash upgrade…

Yes, automatic OTA is something that makes sense.