Choose or change device ID

We would like to divide development devices from production ones in a clear way, something like:

  • device-prod-XXXXXX
  • device-devel-XXXXXX

Is it possible to choose a device ID when creating devices via the Dashboard? I couldn’t find any info regarding the issue.

I noticed that we can label them but this label is a visual reference only, it cannot be used when calling the APIs (correct me if I’m wrong).

I’m almost certain you cannot define the deviceid via the mDash portal.

You can create new devices via the Management REST API. However, I don’t see a documented way to define the deviceid. I suspect you cannot as mDash keeps a running tally on your last deviceid and increments it when you create a new one.

As an alternative, assign a device label. This can be anything you like and is visible via the portal.


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