Customer Object Modification & Creation


I have two questions relating to customer object manipulation using the APIs:

  1. Can the the “email” value be modified via the Management and/or Customer API? This is occasionally needed when the customer email address changes.
  2. Is it possible to directly create a new customer object via the Management API without using the /invite endpoint?

Thanks for your help!

  1. Customer’s email currently cannot be modified via the API - but it could be in principle, because is it not served as a key.
  2. No, that’s not possible at the moment.

Could you elaborate on the use case please?

Sometimes users need to change their email address for a variety of reasons (e.g. employee turnover, company name change, etc.). It would be very helpful if they could do so without having to create a new account and re-register all of the existing devices assigned to the original email address.


Thanks Steve!

I agree on that one.

A change was pushed that allows an email attribute to be passed in the REST call, which should do the job. Please feedback how does that work for you.

Thanks for this update, it works well via the Management API.

Does it make sense to also enable the email update via the Client API /customer POST endpoint? This would allow a customer to update the email address via a user-accessible account dashboard page (for example).