Device regularly loses connection to mDash


Hi all!

We are just getting started with Mongoose OS and currently I have a ESP32 Wrover Board with Mongoose-OS installed and some custom callback functions to read from sensors and write to a small display via i2c. Currently it is just a lab version on a breadboard using the free plans of Mongoose OS and mDash, but we plan to put the firmware on a couple of hundreds devices in the future. That’s why I am concerned about the connection stability between the devices an mDash. The connection (via wifi) regularly gets cut and then neither OTA nor RPC functionality works from mDash until I force a reconnect. After forcing a reconnect, I get a certain time frame within which I can do OTA and RPC. While that’s already annoying, I currently can manually work around that issue, but for an enterprise application that’s unacceptable.

Now for my questions:

  1. Are others also observing this behavior?
  2. What can be the cause? Can it be caused by the free versions of Mongoose OS and mDash?

Thanks all!



Could you post the console log, please?


Thanks nliviu, I didn’t see anything in the console log, yet, but while trying to reliably reproduce the connection issue it turned out to be much more stable in the morning, while in afternoon/evening (UTC+1) I had to force a reconnect more often, so I guess it could be a issue with the server load.