DEVICEID/shadow/get does not work?


Hey everyone,

I’m trying out mDash to remotely control my IoT devices. As I want to control them remotely via e.g. Azure I was following these instructions to setup remote monitoring:

When I am now on the MQTT page of my mDash overview, I am publishing a message to DEVICEID/shadow/get (in this case device1) and I expect to receive the full device shadow as a new message (topic: device1/shadow) but no message is sent. Please note that the messages that you see in the screenshot below my …/get message are sent by the device emulator as the state just changed.

Please refer to the screenshot attached.

What am I missing?

Thank you in advance


Currently, mDash replies with the shadow only if the message is sent by a device itself.

Thus, the MQTT client won’t trigger a shadow message.

This is a faulty behavior anyway, mDash should send a shadow regardless who sends a message. We’ll update the logic accordingly asap, will report shortly in this thread.

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The logic is updated. Now you should see the shadow triggered by the MQTT client.

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Thank you for the quick response and fixing this issue :slight_smile: it works now as expected!