ESP32 OTA to ATMEGA328 runing at 3v3 / 8MHZ

Hi Guys,

I am working in a project where i have a ATMEGA 328 with a 8MHz cristal and powered with 3.3v.

This Atmega is connected to a ESP32 runing Mongoose firmware.
I can upload code to ATMEGA328 from Mdash but it seems to run at 1MHz instead of 8 MHz as expected.

Is there any change I can do on Mongoose to solve this issue ?

I think the ATMEGA 328 is using by default its internal clock, so I need to change fuses to set external 8MHz xtal but I didn’t know how to do this within mongoose.

I will appreciate any directions.

Thank You


José Luiz Sanchez Lorenzo

I have solved this issue loading Arduino ISP firmware on ESP32 and burning Arduino Pro bootloader on ATMEGA328.
After that ATMEGA starts using external clock at 8MHz and now it can talk to ESP32 runing Mongoose at 115.200.


José Luiz