Flaky Dashboard Shadow Updates

Hey Folks,

Has anyone noticed any issue with the mDash device shadow dashboard? I’ve noticed flaky behavior where updated state.desire.config values are not consistently saved to the shadow after making an update and then hitting ‘save’.

This has been hit or miss as of late, but today it doesn’t seem to be working at all. If I refresh the page after hitting ‘save’ I can see that that new state.desire.config updates have not taken hold.

Having said all that, updating the same parameters via the API seems to be working fine - so I suspect this is limited to the mDash device dashboard.


Could not reproduce an issue.
The mDash UI w.r.t. shadow has not changed recently, and it uses the same API calls as one would use with the curl.
Note that shadow editor shows a red “locked” message during editing - and if that window looses focus before saving, all edits might get lost. So make sure that the locked message is always there to the moment the save button is clicked.

Thanks for looking into this.

Seems to be working once again at the moment - but this has been an intermittent issue for some time.



This issue has resurfaced once again across multiple devices.

…but resolved itself within about 12 hours