Help with RCP Config.Set from mDash website

need help with params docs. did not find online.
what is the diffence between key and config??


{“key”: “aec.ungroup_sensors”, “config”: “”, “value”: “false”, “level”: 0, “save”: true, “try_once”: false, “reboot”: false}


“id”: 29,
“method”: “Config.Set”,
“params”: {
“key”: “aec.ungroup_sensors”,
“config”: “”,
“value”: “false”,
“level”: 0,
“save”: true,
“try_once”: false,
“reboot”: false
“error”: {
“code”: 400,
“message”: “not allowed”

anybody can help me on this?? thanks

Hey @cavamora , this forum doesn’t seem to get much action not sure why.

I’ve not used the GUI in mDash to call RPC commands really, especially not config.set

Not sure if it’s helpful but typically I’d use the mos command directly, like this, and it doesn’t have any key provided

mos call Config.Set '{"config": {"my_device": {"debug": true}}}' --port ws://