How to set image version



Hopefully a simple question: How does one change the ESP-IDF image version number reported in the mDash Devices tab? I’ve looked through the docs and examples and haven’t been able to find this.



It is hardcoded in the firmware during build process, and reported to the shadow - see shadow.reported.ota section. You can change it by hands, but next time a device connects, it’ll override it.

To answer the question. The mdash library initialization function is actually a macro:

Thus you might use mDashInit() function directly and specify your own value for the MDASH_FRAMEWORK string.



Thanks for the response. FWIW, my images report a fixed Version of “1.2.4-idf” right now with dynamic BuildIDs.

So what would be the recommended best practice for specifying this mDash version number each time I have a new release to deploy? Should I be modifying my code to manually increment a hardcoded value to call via mDashInit() or there is a more elegant/preferred way to do this?

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The automatic schema is this:

  • 1.2.4-idf is the version of mDash library. 1.2.4 is a release, -idf means you’re using ESP-IDF framework, not Arduino
  • BUILD_ID is the build timestamp, YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS

What you would like to see instead?

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OK - I think you’ve clarified something here. I had assumed “Version” referred to the firmware image version. I didn’t realize this was the mDash library version.

That in mind, things make more sense.

Thanks for the clarification.


Sure, you’re welcome!