Incomplete filenames in mDash for release 1.2.15

I have noticed that the files loaded onto the SPIFFS partition of the ESP32, do not show their full names in mDash, when using the latest release. Rolling back to release 1.2.14 solves this issue. Below is an example.

Here is what the Files list should show, using release 1.2.14:

Here is what the Files list shows, using release 1.1.15:

The first two characters are disappearing in the latest release. Due to this, none of the files can be loaded as they are not found on the ESP32, and it fails every time.

Is there are any limitation on the total filename size across all files? Has anyone else faced this issue?

That’s a good catch - I can see how that could be painful.

I’ve not yet upgraded to 1.2.15 as I’m still waiting for Issues 14 and 18 to be resolved. Until then I’m keeping my fleet at 1.2.13.


@Autodog… Thanks for the confirmation… I guess I will have to roll back as well…

@nehemgr - curious to hear if 1.2.16 solves the problem?


@Autodog, indeed 1.2.16 solves this problem. Trying 1.2.15 again brings back the same issue.

However, it does seem like 1.2.16 has some API definitions missing.

Edit: They have fixed the API for mDashGetState() and had removed other API cause they were dangerous.