mDash OLD Funtions - replacements for mDash 2.1.16

mDashStartWithWifi(ssid, password, mDash.ID, mDash.TOKEN)

mDashExport(“setPin”, setPin, NULL);
New Function: mg_rpc_add()
See: mg_rpc_add

int mDashGetNum(const char*, String, double*) {return 0;}
New Function: mg_json_get_num()
See: mg_json_get_num()

void mDashReturnError(void*, String){}
New Function: mg_rpc_err(), mg_rpc_verr()
See: mg_rpc_err

void mDashReturnSuccess(void*, String, String, double){}
New Function: mg_rpc_ok(), mg_rpc_vok()
See: mg_rpc_ok(),

const char* mDashGetParams(void* ctx) {return NULL;}
New Struct: struct mg_rpc
New Function: mg_json_get()

static void onCmd(struct mg_rpc_req *r) {
// Lookup “$”, which is the whole JSON. Can be used for validation
offset = mg_json_get(r->frame, “$”, &length);
struct mg_str json = r->frame;
const char *str = mg_json_get_str(json, “$”);

CLI functionality has also been removed