MQTT Connectivity Notification and Broker


Is there anyway that host controller know that VCON module is having internet or Wi-Fi connectivity when working in MQTT transparent mode… May be like an GPIO goes high or low depending on the state of the connectivity…?

And what are the other possible MQTT broker which are reliable and can be selected for the Commercial usage apart from Hive MQ with lesser pricing.


If an attached micro uses RPC mode, then VCON could send a JSON-RPC notification.

In transparent bridge mode, GPIO looks like a solution - but I guess one GPIO is not enough. There several states: No Wifi, connected to Wifi, connected to the cloud.

Thanks for the update,
In transparent bridge mode, How can it be done using GPIO’s…?

Should we do it from mDash by calling the RPC API Call (Sys.Getinfo), and depending on the status should we set the GPIO (GPIO.Write) .
Please suggest…!!

If VCON does not have Internet connectivity, you cannot talk to it over mDash.
Using an extra GPIO does not seem like a good idea, because there could be multiple events that host might receive.
How about sending a notification frame to the UART? Like,

{"method":"notify", "params": {"type": "wifi", "status": "down"}}