Obtaining & Using CUSTOMER_KEY


I am attempting to obtain a customer object using the Customer GET endpoint as described here.

This works fine if I use the basic authorization method (discussed here) which returns the object in question (including the “id” and “token” key/value pairs).

However, if I attempt to call the following user endpoint:
curl 'https://mdash.net/api/v2/customer?access_token=CUSTOMER_KEY'

…when CUSTOMER_KEY = “id” or token", it always returns “{“message”:“Not Found”}”.

Any advice?

Hello again - just checking in to see if anyone has used the Customer GET endpoint as described here? Kind of stuck at the moment.


In order for the customer API to return anything, and ACL should allow that. If an ACL is empty (which is a default), you’ll get 404.

OK, figured it out with some help from the mDash crew:

  1. First call the customer GET endpoint using basic auth. This will return the customer object.
  2. Once you have the customer object, copy the “token” - this is your CUSTOMER_KEY
  3. Now you can make use of the customer GET endpoint as follows with needing username/password:
    curl 'https://mdash.net/customer?access_token=<token>'

Note that there is a URL typo in the Client API docs that was causing my initial confusion.


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