Per device\customer notification


Is there a way to access the notification endpoint “wss://” with a device\customer token? I can only access it with a REST API master key right now.

I’m prototyping an app for my device and need to refresh UI after the device changes state.

I know Ican create a service which will listen to the notification endpoint and filter the data for a device\customer however it would be nice and clean for mdash to have such option to use.

Is is possible\is planned to be supported?

Thanks in advance.


A per-device /api/v2/m/device/notify endpoint is actually working, it has not yet being added to the documentation.

It forwards online, offline and updated events, per device ACL.
Note if the device’s shadow_read ACL is not set, the endpoint will be silent. Set the shadow_read filter in order to get those notifications.


Great. That is what I was looking for.
Tested. Works as expected.


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