Smart Light Quick Start Guide Problem

Hi to the forum and have nice 2020 all!!
In view of developing a product, I have followed the instructions given in the document to develop Smart Light Quick Start Guide.
Everything has gone very well, even in the section where I grant the WiFi credentials to the device, but the problem I find is that I see it OFFLINE in mDash.
I open the serial port, I can see that it connects to my WiFi network but then on the serial port I see the following message:
“poll_sockets: Error: cannot login. Please set device.pass.”
When I want to enter through serial port set device.pass XXXXXXX nothing happens.
Then if I want to reset the credentials of mdash.cfg, pressing the EN button on my ESP32 DOIT for more than 3 seconds, nothing happens; On the serial port I see again that it connects to my Wi-Fi network, when it should not do so, and I also see the message described before in the serial port console.
I need help please .
Greetings to all

Just reflash a device, then set the device.pass again.

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lsm many thanks for help me , but I just re flash many times my ESP32 and when it start , in my serial console I can see again which the device is connected to my wifi network and I type set device.pass and nothing matter .
I have also tried to erase the device
in the mdash console before performing a flash re, and nothing happens … keep the device connecting to my wifi network … that is, the Wi-Fi credentials were not deleted.

Sounds weird.

Type rm mdash.cfg, then reboot. That should erase the configuration.
After that, the usual sequence of set ... commands.

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@lsm many thanks for your support!!
I could solve my problem as follows:

  • First: I connect a Reset button in GPIO 5 of my ESP32 and change the line that refers to this button in the smartlight.ino.
    This I did, because after so much thinking (and stupid of me :worried:) I did not notice that the EN button, which I pressed to perform the Reset x 3 seconds, was only towards a POWER RESET. Once I made this modification, I could erase the credential settings.
  • Second: In the Serial Monitor of the Arduino IDE, I have changed the setting from NO ENDING LINE to NEW LINE. Only when I made this modification could I enter the set device.pass xxxx, and when executing SEND on the Serial Monitor, the command was accepted !!!:100::clap:
    Best regards!!!

Great, thanks for getting back!

If the documentation had a hint about that, would that be helpful to avoid these issues? If yes, what would you add to the docs?