SSID Names & WiFi Connection Problems


Two of our customers have discovered a issue when attempting to connect their ESP32 devices via WiFi. After much troubleshooting, the issue is as follows:

If an SSID has both a space and a period character in the string, the device cannot connect to WiFi.

However, if just spaces are use or just a period is used, there is no problem.

Failed example: MY 2.4 GHZ
OK example: MY2.4GHZ
OK example: MY 24 GHZ

We have seen this when configuring the SSID using either our Web App or using the mDash console to directly modify the mdash.cfg file on the device.

Can Cesanta confirm if this is an issue with the mDash library?


After additional testing, appears to be a false alarm here - most likely a misconfiguration of the AP.