Strange behaviour with mdash OTA

I’m experiencing a very weird behaviour with mDash OTA updates, when I upload my new firmware, the new version appear to be flashed to the device, I can even call the RPC new method implemented in the new version.
After a little while though, it seems the version to get reverted to the baseline version (the one originally flashed on the device via UART connection).
Plus, as a side, I don’t find a way to debug issues in case the update fails.

any ideas?

Did you commit the new firmware?

not sure what does it mean… so I guess not

For the new firmware to become “permanent”, you have to commit it. If you don’t, the device will restore the previous version.

There is a default commit timeout of a few minutes, IIRC.

I don’t know how it works with Arduino or ESP-IDF, but for Mongoose OS you can call OTA.Commit from the mdash interface, section RPC.