Sys.Getinfo ID Definition



When I run Sys.Getinfo on my ESP32 device, I receive an 8-byte value:

“id”: “fce8c4699a8b9abe”,

I searched for a definition of this ID but couldn’t find anything in the docs. Is it related to the MAC address of the device?


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Yes it is a MAC address.


Looks like it’s the



Thanks for the response. I’m not convinced it is a MAC address. Here’s what I see:

  1. esp_wifi_get_mac(): 240AC42CE668
  2. 8ce8c4697a8b99be

…I trust #1 if for no other reason that it is the correct number of bytes (6) for a MAC address. Not sure what SysGetInfo is doing under the hood?

Check out this thread from the ESP32 forum:

The chip_id function is printing the MAC address CRC byte in the highest byte of the output, and losing the lowest byte of the MAC entirely. This is a bug, probably the chip_id function should do nothing on ESP32 (or alias to read_mac).

Might a similar bug be at work here?

In any event, since the id reported here is questionable, I think I’ll rely upon esp_wifi_get_mac() for the real MAC address / unique ID.