Unable to find device AP


I have followed the steps for sample smart light. I am not able to find device AP under my wifi setting and neither on other device settings too. I have tried to reboot and re flash everything and repeated, still the problem prevails can anyone help. After clicking the scan button it says Network error.


If a device does not start an AP, that means it has WiFi station network name configured and tries to connect to it. The station network name could be either hardcoded in the firmware (by calling mDashStartWithWifi()) or be in the mdash.cfg configuration file.

Configuration file perists reflashes, OTA and reboots. Thus if you have set wifi station name, and reflashed the firmware, it’ll still try to connect to the previously configured network. In order to reset that, either remove the config file (by erasing the flash memory), or edit the configuration file - for example, by entering the CLI command set wifi.sta.ssid -