Unable to retrieve device shadow using curl

Hi all,

I’m trying to retrieve a shadow of one of my devices using the command (DEVICE_PUBLIC_KEY is replaced with an actual key):
curl https://mdash.net/api/v2/device?access_token=DEVICE_PUBLIC_KEY

I have set the DEVICE_PUBLIC_KEY in the ACL and the device itself. My ACL is as follows:
“shadow_read”: “.",
“shadow_write”: ".
“rpc”: “.*”,
“public_key”: “DEVICE_PUBLIC_KEY”,
“data_read”: {},
“data_write”: {}

I have a wildcard (.*) set for all keys, I just can’t get it to show here for some reason.

What I get back is:
{“message”:“Method Not Allowed”}

Additionally, the default webapp is not able to “see” the device using the DEVICE_PUBLIC_KEY, and when I go into developer tools, I can see it is getting a 404 error.

What am I doing wrong?

You are missing an m in the URL: https://mdash.net/api/v2/m/device?access_token

That did it, thank you!