ESP8266 config for Protocol Bridge Mode (MQTT)

Hi guys,

I am trying to config a ESP8266 with VCON to receive a json from an Arduino e post messages to MQTT like the example posted for ESP32.

Is it possible to Configure an ESP8266 to use protocol bridge mode (MQTT) with VCON ?
Is there a procedure on how to config this ?
I tried to use the procedure for ESP32 but esp8266 is not publishing.
I suspect serial protocol bridge not active, but I dont know how to check this.
My arduino is sending same json I used with ESP32 with sucess, but ESP8266 dont publish.

I did the following steps:

mos flash
mos config-set dash.token=XXXX
mos config-set
mos config-set mqtt.enable=true
mos config-set spi.enable=true

Some one have any directions about what could be the problem or a procedure to config ESP8266 for this.

I will appreciate any directions.

Thank you
José Luiz

The configuration you have shown does not configure VCON in any of the modes.
You’re disabling RPC bridge by setting , and you do not configure the transparent UART mode.

What do you want do achieve?

Hi Ism, thanks for reply.

I would like to config ESP8266 with VCON Protocol Bridge for MQTT, so the ESP8266 receive a Json like below and publish on MQTT.

{“id:1, ”method”:”MQTT.Pub”, ”params”:{“topic”:”test’, ”message”:”hello”}}

Please can you explain how to setup this for ESP8266 ?

I will appreciate you help.

Thank You

José Luiz

Try this:

  1. Follow the to register ESP8266 on mDash

  2. Configure protocol bridge:

mos --port wss:// config-set mqtt.enable=true debug.stdout_uart=1 debug.stderr_uart=1

Note: ESP8266 has only one bi-directional UART, therefore you cannot use mos tool over serial port after step1. Always use --port wss://..... Also, when you reboot ESP8266, or issue any other mos command over serial - like flash, you might need to push and hold Arduino reset button.

Hi Ism,
I follow your procedure and every thing works fine.
Again thank you very much by you support !

Best regards

José Luiz


I am trying to do the same with ESP32 without much success, below is the command i have used which sets all the configuration, here i have not connected the arduino instead i am watching over the terminal program where i have connected the IO16 and IO17 of the module to PC over TTL to USB converter,

mos --port wss:// config-set mqtt.enable=true uart.uart_no=2 uart.tx_gpio=17 uart.rx_gpio=16 tu.mqtt.enable=true tu.mqtt.rx_topic=uart/rx tu.mqtt.tx_topic=uart/tx tcp.client.remote_addr=

Request you to help in this regard,

It started working after updating to latest VCON firmware… thanks


Is there anyway that host controller know that VCON module is having internet or Wi-Fi connectivity when working in MQTT transparent mode… May be like an GPIO goes high or low depending on the state of the connectivity…?


Please start a separate topic.