ESP8266 config for Protocol Bridge Mode (MQTT)


Hi guys,

I am trying to config a ESP8266 with VCON to receive a json from an Arduino e post messages to MQTT like the example posted for ESP32.

Is it possible to Configure an ESP8266 to use protocol bridge mode (MQTT) with VCON ?
Is there a procedure on how to config this ?
I tried to use the procedure for ESP32 but esp8266 is not publishing.
I suspect serial protocol bridge not active, but I dont know how to check this.
My arduino is sending same json I used with ESP32 with sucess, but ESP8266 dont publish.

I did the following steps:

mos flash
mos config-set dash.token=XXXX
mos config-set
mos config-set mqtt.enable=true
mos config-set spi.enable=true

Some one have any directions about what could be the problem or a procedure to config ESP8266 for this.

I will appreciate any directions.

Thank you
José Luiz


The configuration you have shown does not configure VCON in any of the modes.
You’re disabling RPC bridge by setting , and you do not configure the transparent UART mode.

What do you want do achieve?


Hi Ism, thanks for reply.

I would like to config ESP8266 with VCON Protocol Bridge for MQTT, so the ESP8266 receive a Json like below and publish on MQTT.

{“id:1, ”method”:”MQTT.Pub”, ”params”:{“topic”:”test’, ”message”:”hello”}}

Please can you explain how to setup this for ESP8266 ?

I will appreciate you help.

Thank You

José Luiz


Try this:

  1. Follow the to register ESP8266 on mDash

  2. Configure protocol bridge:

mos --port wss:// config-set mqtt.enable=true debug.stdout_uart=1 debug.stderr_uart=1

Note: ESP8266 has only one bi-directional UART, therefore you cannot use mos tool over serial port after step1. Always use --port wss://..... Also, when you reboot ESP8266, or issue any other mos command over serial - like flash, you might need to push and hold Arduino reset button.


Hi Ism,
I follow your procedure and every thing works fine.
Again thank you very much by you support !

Best regards

José Luiz