Websockets in AWS/Google IOT


Do you have experience with AWS/Google websockets with VCON module…?
Really appreciate if i can get with an example…!!


Could you elaborate on what you mean by AWS/Google websockets, please?

Sorry for the delay in my response,
As given in https://vcon.io/docs/#uart--websocket
We tried which works, but would like to know how the same can be done in AWS.

And in websockets should we keep the session always open…?

instead of using utility websocat, have you tested directly over AWS…?

websocat is used just for demonstration. In a real project, either a browser or a custom application should be used.
vcon module can make a websocket connection to any external site. See the tcp.client configuration settings: you can change tcp.client.remote_addr to your own host:port, and set a custom URI in tcp.client.ws.uri.

You can configure the AWS Websocket endpoint. Refer to the AWS about how to do it.