Wemos D1 mini Pro - ESP8266


i have been building a project using the Wemos D1 mini Pro - ESP8266 and come across mdash,
mdash looks like a great way to provision, monitor and do FW OTA to the devices out in the field remotely. but reading thru the forum it seems the arduino support is limited, I downloaded this libarary : arduinolibraries.info/libraries/m-dash using the
mDash-1.2.5\examples\Minimal\Minimal.ino sketch but i cannot get it connect my mdash device

is it supposed to work on ESP8266 ? i just need to validate that i can write a sketch, load it on my device and do FW updates remotely.


On ESP8266, use Mongoose OS

  1. Download mos tool, https://mongoose-os.com/docs/mongoose-os/quickstart/setup.md
  2. mos flash esp8266 --port SERIAL_PORT
  4. mos config-set dash.enable=true dash.token=DEVICE_TOKEN --port SERIAL_PORT

That’ll give you everything.


Thank you i was able to follow the easy setup guide in mongoose os but i cannot figure out how to port my arduino ide written code over into mongoose, I tried to load my arduino ide code into the OTA update function of mDash but it gave me an error attempting to load it. I have a fully tested code base already written that is ready to be deployed on many devices ready to go to the field but i i have no way to remotely manage them. Any recommendations how to easily migrate my arduino code over to mdash compatible ? it used libraries that were specifically written for arduino if i understand correctly


There is a chance to use an Arduino compatibility layer in Mongoose .

See https://github.com/mongoose-os-apps/example-arduino-hello-c

The list of Arduino-ported components is at https://mongoose-os.com/docs/mongoose-os/api/arduino/arduino-adafruit-ads1x15.md


hello, thank you for your help. i was able to get the example to work, however, in the dashboard i am unable to assign a customer to a device, i go to the customer page and click the icon to add device, it asks for device ID, i have tried to insert the ESP Device Id and the Device ID given by mdash, but neither work, each time it gives me error msg saying “Invalid device ID, or absent public key” Which Device ID is mdash expecting to accept for each customer device ?


First you need to go to the ACL, and edit the “public_key”. Set it to some unique value, like hard to guess hash. If you choose a predictable value, others may guess it and control your device.
When done, you could assign a customer.


thank you for that prompt response, I added a long unique string of characters, clicked the save button then went back to customer and tried to use the same value i set as the public key and still gave the same error.


Please read this section - https://mdash.net/docs/userguide/intro.md#acl
Maybe something is missing in your setup?